Call us on:

01542 841997 / Howard: 07912 079416

Call us on:

01542 841997 / Ruth: 07432 591201 / Howard: 07912 079416


There are two uncommonly spacious six-bed dorms, a four-bed family room with en-suite shower, and a private double room. All the beds are traditional and sturdy with good quality sprung mattresses.

Washing area
A large space with shower-room, bathroom, three toilets, laundry washing and drying area.

Kitchen/sitting area
Large room with electric and solid fuel cookers, dining and sitting areas; food storage, all cooking utensils, cd player and wi-fi.

Hostel visitors are expected to make their own beds with the bedding provided or feel free to use their own sleeping bag or liner.

n.b. check in before 9pm; sleeping areas should be vacated by 10am